About SD6 Alliance


  • Document and share the unique technology needs of healthcare providers and educators to create better, more repeatable methods and results for projects.
  • Create guidelines for quality so that members will stand above others in the industry and be seen as elite companies providing a superior customer experience.
  • Align all member companies with national best practices so that the final product from one is substantially similar to the product of another.
  • Raise the level of conversation about the important needs of healthcare providers and school educators across the United States and how to best meet those needs.

SD6 Alliance


  • National and Regional Healthcare Networks benefit from standardized products, software and deployments throughout all facilities regardless of location.
  • Healthcare networks consistently improve HCAHPS score, patient satisfaction, ROI and reduced deployment and operating costs.
  • Educators in School districts, from small to large establish standards for safety and improve the learning environment for students and teachers based on national best practices.
  • School Administrators are prepared to deal with emergencies and assure parents that children are being taught in the safest possible environment.